Redemption Lost

I have to go see my father tomorrow. It’s time for a visit but I’m not looking forward to it as anyone who loves someone suffering from dementia will tell you. It can be maddening, heartbreaking, laborious, or exasperating. Sometimes it’s a mixture of every one of those. My father doesn’t know who I am when I visit, though I see a vague recognition in his eyes whenever I speak to him. He is also non-verbal so having a conversation with him can be quite the task. He was my hero as a little girl but he left the family … Continue reading Redemption Lost

Happy Birthday Stephen King!

Dear Mr. King, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! No, my name is not CHRISTINE or ROSE MADDER. I’m just a simple girl from a simple town who lives in THE HOUSE ON MAPLE STREET. Number 1408. Thank God it’s not Elm Street. (That would have been a nightmare don’t you think? ha ha) No, I’m just A FACE IN THE CROWD of your many Constant Readers who just want to wish you joy on your special day. I hope your wife doesn’t mind that I’m writing to you. You seem to have A GOOD MARRIAGE so … Continue reading Happy Birthday Stephen King!

American Whore Story

FX network’s American Horror Story has become somewhat of an icon in  horror/drama television and it’s no secret that its creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk seek new and ingenious ways to shock and frighten us. Each season starts fresh with different stories and different characters while maintaining much of the same cast. It’s an interesting concept and the fifth season AHS:Hotel gained many new viewers while giving Lady Gaga her first Golden Globe. Replacing Jessica Lange as lead actress was a tough act to follow but Lady Gaga immerses herself in the role of “The Countess”, a blood sucking fashionista … Continue reading American Whore Story

Orange is the New Black: TV vs. Memoir

Like many North Americans I like to watch Neflix and…relaaax. (Oh get your minds out of the gutters please.Stop. Just stop.)   Come on, admit it. You’ve binged watch an entire series in a matter of days haven’t you?   The online streaming service has hosted many popular shows in addition to creating their own original series. House of Cards, Stranger Things, Daredevil among many others. However, Orange is the New Black is shaping up to be Netflix’s most popular and longest running series. It gets an 8.3/10 rating on the IMDB and is BASED on Piper Kerman’s experiences in … Continue reading Orange is the New Black: TV vs. Memoir