Getting Happy

As a lifelong introvert I have always found great comfort and company within the pages of a really good book. I received my first library card at six years old and haven’t stopped reading ever since. Every. Single. Day. I progressed pretty quickly past children’s literature and started reading my grandmother’s old Harlequin romances. Yup, cheesy romance novels get pretty boring when you’re eight. I hungered for something more and when I stumbled across an old ripped copy of a novel called Dracula I fell in love with horror when I was nine. Pretty impressive since it was published in 1897 but I read that thing until the pages started falling out. Oooooo, vampires and creatures of the night…it all sent shivers down my spine. I was hooked.

In addition to being an avid reader I have always felt the need to write whether it be poems, short stories, or essays for school. I even went to university to pursue my degree in English Lit. And then, well…life happened. You know the story. Parties, romance, and getting a “real” job became my top priorities. It never occurred to me that one could make a career out of writing. So fast forward several years and I sat having a drink with a friend expressing my displeasure of my current job and while I forget her exact words, the gist was crystal clear. Do what makes you happy. That hit me like a ton of bricks. Well, duh. I realized I hadn’t written any significant in a long time and I vowed to change all that. While I would love to tell you that I quit my secular job and jumped right into pursuing a successful writing career I have to tell you that wishful thinking does not pay the bills. I have started though and write whenever I get the chance. This is my journey about doing what I love and maybe I’ll write a fantastic piece of literature and maybe I won’t. I’ll be happy though and that’s all any of us really want isn’t it?

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